Monday, November 27

Eat all of the leftovers, finish packing, and head to the airport.

Monday, November 20

Frank took me to a chiropractor first thing, and then we all went to Kountry Kitchen for breakfast. Everyone else went to Waimea Canyon…Truth be told, I had a lovely quiet day reading on the lanai–I finished Provence, 1970, and the rest of the NYTimes from July. I pushed myself a little bit (probably too much) and walked gently to town. I wanted to check out the Bamboo shop, but there wasn’t really much of interest. I walked back, and tried to go to the Nani Moon Meadery, but they are closed on Mondays. I ate at the Shrimp Shack, which I enjoyed, although I wasn’t in the mood to peel the shrimp, and would have been better off with the fried ones, I bet, or even the tacos that she said were medium spicy.

Sunday, November 26

Frank and I walked to the Maui bakery and stocked up on the filled pastries for breakfast; we added a breakfast bowl smoothie from the coffee place, and brought everything back to the condo, where they were promptly devoured. Today was a surfing day: the Women’s World Cup was not held today, so we went to Honolua Bay, and the boys sat on their boards in the gorgeous water and the professionals surfed around them. We actually did see Tyler, who is currently 2nd in the world, an some of the not-pro Australians in her posse.

After 1.5 hrs, Xavier caught a wave for a few seconds; after a bit longer he came in, because he’d raked the crap out of his leg on the reef and was bleeding everywhere.

We took X to a supermarket in Kanapili, where we bought supplies to patch him up with. E stayed at Honolua with Grandy, who was taking photos.

Once we got back, it wasn’t long until Elijah came out of the water. We stopped at Whalers village shopping center for lunch at Joeys Kitchen, and to hit the Tommy Bahama store. There was also an unscheduled Crazy shirts stop.

At 3:50, we got in line for dinner happy hour at Sansei at 5pm; good thing we did, because the entire place fills up for their half-price sushi specials. We got $200 worth of sushi for $100, so was totally worth it.

Then was home to pack.

Wednesday, November 15

Frank and I were on the beach (our ‘Baby Beach’, which is apparently called Fuji beach). for sunrise, watching the sand crabs. After everyone else got up we brought Becky and the boys out to the beach, and sloshed down to the proper sandy shore bits.

We went to snorkel at Lydgate Beach, which had 2 protected pools, but even those were turbulent, with lots of sand and limited visibility. We at lunch at Saimen

which was very tasty huge bowl of Hawaiian ramen followed by lilikoi chiffon pie which was so good we came back on the way home and bought a whole pie.

We went down to Poipu to check that beach out, and while exploring a monk seal just flopped up onto the beach to sleep!!

Frank took Elijah and Xavier north to check out Hanalei Bay and I went with Fred and Beth to shop.

Saturday, November 18

The multi-use path runs right along the ocean from our rental up to Donkey Beach; there are multiple areas with pavilions and scenic overlooks. Frank, Elijah, and Beth made it out of Kapa’a on rental bikes, but not all of the way to the end.

Massages for the boys from Tara @ A Heavenly Massage at 11 and 12; Frank and I did a little bit of wandering/shopping, including a stop in the Aloha Images gallery, where $50 holds any piece of art in the gallery for you, and you pay it off, interest-free, until you own it. There was also cool color-changing glass jewelry at Kela’s. Also many shops with incense.

Trusting the Utimate Kuaia Guidebook, we drove south to Poipu and did serious off-reading

to get to the Maha’ulepu Beaches; Gillin Beach was deemed not suitable, but the sandy side of Kawailoa Bay was a good point to snorkel from, and then we just messed about in the ocean until the rains started again.

Dinner was at the Italian place right across the road: Kauai Pasta, which was more than adequate, and we can home and fell into bed.

Friday, November 17

Early leave to surf at Hanalei.We ate at Lei Petite Cafe in Princeville, which was as adorable as its name, and not only saw a double rainbow leaving town, we also saw it dropping into Hanalei Bay off the overlook~ it was spectacular.

Once we made it to town the boys got surfboarded and to the beach; I went running, and returned to find everyone had migrated to the east end of the beach, and Fred and Beth had joined us. There is a very cold freshwater stream that flows down fro the mountains and makes a bracingly cold but clean parallel channel to the ocean for a few hundred feet. I took a dip, which cooled me right down.

The issue with the surfing there is that the waves are breaking so far out that you can’t see anything, or really communicate at all with the surfers. They don’t even ride all of the way in, but fall off still very far out. The frequency and strength of the rain showers gradually increased all morning, so we spent more and more time under the trees, and eventually were joined by Jessica whose people were also out surfing.

Fred and Beth went for lunch; the rain continued, and I bailed; Frank and Becky and the boys were not far behind. Lunch was at Hanalei Bread Company; we walked across the street to replace Elijah’s swimsuit, and then went in search of Tunnel Beach to surf more, and snorkel.

. We drove over a bunch more one-lane bridges all the way past Haena Beach and Maniniholo Dry Cave (Frank should have some good photos from his camera) into Haena State Park at the end of rte 560. The Kalalau Trail leaves from here:

We only did the first .25 miles which was just up, to overlook Ke’e Beach before coming back down. We stopped several more places on the way out, looking for access to Tunnels, but did not find it. Further reading of the guideboooks suggests that Tunnels is not something that is well-labelled, has parking, or is directly accessible from the road, and we can back that up.

Dinner was steak and pork and all sorts of good things Fred cooked, along with bread from the bread company.